What to do in Aruba for a Week

This blog post is long overdue but I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from Aruba. This trip was superrrrr last minute- aka we booked everything 48 hours before we left haha. But it honestly couldn’t have gone any better. Our Airbnb host didn't speak English & we had absolutely no plans for the trip, all part of the experience, right?

Here are my top 6 things you MUST do when you visit Aruba.

  1. Rent ATV’s!! We rented from Jean’s Rentals Aruba & it was our best decision. He worked with us on the time that we were there & got to see soooo much of the island this way. I’ll link his information here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g488162-d15756419-Reviews-Jean_s_Rentals_Aruba-Noord_Aruba.htmt

  2. Visit Natural Pool. This was a little confusing & we actually completely missed it the first time we went. There are tours that you can take with a guide but it’s way more fun to try & find it yourself. Aruba is only 7 miles long but it’s SO diverse, definitely something you want to explore. If you do decide to try & find it on your own, look for the Bushiribana Ruins & you’ll be able to see Natural Pool from there. It just looks like two sticks poking out of the ground, but that’s the ladder down. We ended up having to ask a local because we didn’t realize how close it was to the ruins.

  3. Check out Baby Beach. Talk about a beautiful beach, Baby Beach is located on the very south point of the island. Not only is it stunning, but it isn’t too crowded. The sand was white & the water was so clear. Definitely worth spending a day here!

  4. Feed the wild donkeys! This is a must if you’re an animal lover. If you drive around the outside of Baby Beach, you’re bound to see some wild donkeys. They just roam the road & they LOVE carrots ;) They were so sweet & it was so much fun.

  5. Enjoy the nightlife near the high rise hotels & resorts. If you’re going to Aruba for a luxury vacation, then the high rise hotels are perfect for you. They’re located right on the beach & a lot of them are all inclusive. If you’re going to Aruba to explore & experience it more like a local, Airbnb’s are much more affordable. Either way you need to spend a night out in Palm Beach. There are so many different bars & restaurants on the beach & ending at Gusto Night Club was the move!

  6. See the Flamingos at Renaissance Island. Ah yes the infamous flamingos. I have to cover that! Here’s the deal with the flamingos- it’s 100000% worth it if you stay a night at the Renaissance Hotel. The Island that the flamingos live on is owned by this hotel & is free for guests. We didn’t know this until we got there & the hotel was completely booked out. The only way for us to get on the island was to be on of the first 15 people in line at 7am to buy a day pass. SO we woke up around 4am, walked over & couldn’t believe how many people were in line. We ended up being number 16 & 17 haha. We learned our lesson & went back the next morning at 3am to secure a spot. We made it in after paying the $100 for a day pass. Once there, it was a very relaxing time. However, the process of getting there was pretty stressful & we were super tired from it. But now you know how it works & hopefully you’ll just book a room :)